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A radiant smiling bride carrying a bouquet

Samoset Family Dental presents

Wedding Perfect Smile Packages

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Wedding Smile Packages

Let us make your smile picture perfect for your special day!

As a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a faculty at Boston University, Dr. Sheng has a distinct passion for combining contemporary, functional, as well as aesthetically superior work for her patients. In light of this passion we are offering Wedding Smile Packages for brides, grooms and friends! At Samoset Family Dental we are equipped with the highest standard of equipment, and partnered with the best local lab technicians. We realize each person has different goals and desires so we will take time to get to know you, your current smile, and the changes you’d like to see.

Basic Build Package


The Doctor sits down with you first getting to know you and your smile to determine what you need in order to achieve your perfect smile.

Superior Prophylaxis

Our excellently trained hygienist spends extra time removing stains and plaque to prepare your teeth for the whitening treatment.

Deluxe Diamond Hygiene Polish

We use different techniques and tools to leave your teeth looking and feeling sparkly and shining on your big day.

Complimentary X-rays

This helps the Doctor determine the overall health of your teeth and provide you with an accurate and detailed treatment plan.

Custom Whitening

We first analyze the current situation of your overall tooth color, create custom  trays for your mouth, and then provide you with a take-home kit that will get you the whitening results you’re looking for.

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Feel free to bring along your soon-to-be Mr. or Mrs., parents of the bride or friends of the wedding - we are happy to be able to offer special pricing for parties and groups.

Additional Services

Images of a patient before and after veneers Before and After Dental Veneers

Tooth Contouring

In some cases, natural or chipped enamel can be shaped in accordance with adjacent teeth to resolve an uneven appearance.

White Bonding

Our natural white color-matched bonding material will replace any old silver fillings, discolored areas and perfect the shape of your tooth.

Porcelain Veneers and Crowns

The affected tooth (whether due to an old filling, a fracture, current decay etc.) will be covered and protected by a porcelain or all-ceramic veneer or cap. The work is specifically designed and created by Dr. Sheng and a certified dental lab technician in accordance with the desired shape, color and fit to match your perfect smile.

Gum Line Contouring

With specialized instruments or laser, gum is shaped to remove any overgrowth and unevenness that causes the appearance of any crooked or ill shaped smile.

Full Smile Makeover

Your entire look can be transformed as we take into consideration the function and the aesthetics you desire. Each case is unique - whether your smile requires any of the above, Dr. Sheng will spend ample time assessing your needs and desires in order to provide you with a high level of functioning and beautiful smile!